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Good day to you dedicated parent!

I recently had a seminar on dysphasia and they gave us documentation for us to help parents. Here are a few of them:

– Services régionaux de soutien et d’expertise en adaptation scolaire: http://blogue.education0312.qc.ca/?page_id=9

– Association québécoise de la dysphasie: http://www.dysphasie-quebec.com/

– Association dysphasie +: http://dysphasieplus.com/

– Récit en adaptation scolaire: http://recitadaptscol.qc.ca/


Hello again!

Every year, the school gives me budget to buy an impressive amount of English books. These books are available for kids to borrow whenever they want.

Encourage them to go visit the English section of their school library to see all the new books we have each year!


Hello there!

I had a conversation with a student a few days ago and he told me what he is doing with his parents to improve his English. Here are a few of these ideas and a few from me also.

– English Thursdays:

They chose Thursday as the day where everybody speaks English in the house.

This can be modified as English dinners, or only conversation about the day in English (What did you do today?)

– TV in English:

They chose two TV shows in English and they watch it every week.

This can be combined with a good English Wednesday! Only English TV allowed on these days.

– Books in English:

Read with your kids in English, you can’t believe the difference it will make.

Find good series of book they already read in French and have them reread them but in English this time. (ex: Harry Potter, Diary of a Wimpy Kid (Journal d’un Dégonflé))

– Video games in English

As an English teacher who enjoys video games, I can testify that I learned a great deal of English with a controller in my hands.

Most video games have the English option when you play them. The console can also be set in English. It teaches them to work their way through a document (in this situation, a console menu) in English.

-Get interested!

The best way to show your kids they have to be interested in learning English is to be interested in it yourself. Learning English is not only about having good grades at school but to be interested in learning more.

The reality at school is that with one hour a week of English, nobody will be bilingual at the end of elementary school. However, if this precious time of English is combined with everything above, we can both work towards great results and mostly, giving them the desire to become bilingual.

And who knows? Maybe you could even improve your own English skills! :)



I often get questions from parents about the program. They are very good questions if you are interested in what your kid is learning! Here is a very good document that summarizes what is in the program.


L’anglais au primaire


Hello parents!

Here is a very good place to buy books in English.

They are specialized in pedagogical and children’s literature and they will guide you to get books for the appropriate level.

Have fun!


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