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Grade 6


Third semester

1) No homework. However, make sure you bring back your « Story in a Snowglobe ». We need it next class for an activity.
Have a good week!!!
3) Good health, bad health: Write 5 good health habits and explain why they are good habits. When you are finished with the good habits, find three bad habits and do the same thing.

Here are the themes we will go over in the semester :

–         Finish the Roller Coaster project

–         Expressions and Idioms

–         Christmas activities (Doodle video)

–         Poetry (Valentine’s Day and poetry contest)


TV Report

Watch a 30 minutes TV or Internet show in English. Write a text to explain what happens in the show. Minimum 6 sentences.

Identify the show, tell me how long it lasted and what happened in it.



Adjectives in sentences

Find 5 original adjectives. Stay away from good, bad, nice, big, etc. Use adjectives like « interesting, fun, delicate, … »

Here is a website with a very long list of adjectives : http://www.momswhothink.com/reading/adjectives-that-start-with-a-to-z-list.html

When you have your 5 adjectives, put them in 5 different sentences. Make complete sentences, be original and have fun doing it!


Contraction Whiz!


Having fun at the circus


No homework


Eight balloons, write your own ending.

Write minimum 4 sentences to conclude the story of balloon #8. Use your imagination, there is no limit to that!

I strongly suggest you write this ending as a poem. Give it a shot, don’t be hesitant and let yourself go! I want you to explore what you can do!

Sorry about the homework section, I’ll get back on it next homework!


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