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Grade 1



Here are links to what we do in the class. You can practice the songs, listen to the stories or even buy the books to get the ears and the mouth tuned to English vocabulary.

Just click on the link and enjoy!



Ten little fingers

A song to practice numbers from one to ten and link them to a visual (the ten fingers). We also introduce the word little and hand.

They put their hands up and place them just like in the video.



Alphabet song


We sing this song at the beginning of all English class. The link above is a reaaaaaaaaally long video with tons of different alphabet songs and videos. Sit back, relax and learn!

We sing this song to practice the pronounciation of letters so when we have to spell a word, the letters are easily said and heard.



Sally the camel


This is a very simple and funny song about a camel that is a little bit out of the ordinary.

We practice counting down from 5 to 0. We also learn the words camel and horse.



Brown Bear


Now let’s take a look at a story we read a lot in grade 1.

In this story, we have animals and colors. We also learn the action word to see. It also shows them to use the adjective before the noun (brown bear instead of bear brown)

It is a good repetitive story that kids usually love hearing over and over again. 

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