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6 septembre 2016 - 

Are you ready to rock? Are you ready to roll? Are you ready to learn English? Well, I am ready to do those three things! Let's begin a new school year with a good attitude, a taste for learning and a healthy lifestyle! After a year of absence on here, I will come...

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Happy Holidays!!!

16 décembre 2014 - 

Happy Holidays everyone!

As your favorite (and probably only) English teacher, I want to wish to you and your parents a very good vacation!

Whereas you go skiing, sliding, skating, snowboarding, snowshoeing or swimming in a frozen lake, I  really hope you will have a good time!

Sleep well, eat well and...

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Fun websites!

20 novembre 2014 - 


Go take a look in the website section, I added fun website for you to play with! Create comics, stories or simply enjoy exploring these.

Have a good day!

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19 novembre 2014 - 

Hey there!

Just a quick little word to tell you I added some content in the Parent section concerning dysphasia and ressources on the subject! Have a good read!

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New section!

4 novembre 2014 - 

Greetings to all of you!

I just added new sections for cycle one (grade 1 and 2). I posted articles about the stories we read and the songs we sing. I will add content during the year every time we do something new!

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16 septembre 2014 - 

Hello guys!

Go take a look in the books and videos section. I added a few interesting links for you!


Mr. Jean-Raphaël

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Hello kids

29 août 2014 - 

Hello there!

Welcome to your English class on the web.

I want you to use this website for a little extra English in your life!

An important part of this website is the Students section. You can check it out to know what your homework is this week or take...

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