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January 2014


     St- Yves           /       St-Louis II                                   


February 2014


    St- Yves           /       St-Louis II                       


March 2014


    St- Yves           /       St-Louis II       

April 2014


     St-Yves  /  St-Louis II                       


May 2014 and June 2014



  There will not be homeplans for these two last months. You have to revise the vocabulary sheets, the different homework/ grammar activities you have done over the last months.


Make sure you revise:

  1. Simple present : verb to have and to be (affirmative/negative/interrogative forms)
  2. Simple past: Regular and Irregular verbs (affirmative and negative form)
  3. How to make questions : yes/no questions versus open questions
  4. The modals (should / would/ could/ can/ will). Make sure you know the difference between these modals and how to write them in different contexts.
  5. Possessive and demonstrative adjectives
  6. Prepositions 


I also added different videos in the « Activities » section of the class web. There are videos and exercises on the simple past form to help you revise. 


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