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The learning process continues at home!!!

Here are some useful sites you can browse through, alone or with your child, in order to accompany him or her. Be sure to stop by each of them; every child has different needs and views. The approach of these sites must be complementary to your child’s personality and should fit with their individuality.


Sesame Street

Play games with Elmo, watch videos of Big Bird, colour Cookie Monster and count with Ernie and Bert. Good for young learners. (Grade 1-3)


Excellent website to learn another language. They give you a lot of exercises and reminders to practice your vocabulary. (grade 3 to 6)



Many, many….. many games adapted to all levels. Math (in English) can also be practiced on this website.


Explore the world of Dr. Seuss. You can read, listen and watch a lot of content. Very interactive website.


Lots of games, some to learn English and some to learn other things, but all in English!


ESL Games +

A good number of games with vocabulary, actions and expressions from themes seen in class.


ESL Kid Stuff

Website for teachers but you can also find online games to learn English.



My popplet

A site for multi-functionnal presentations.  Fun, simple and effective.


logo   Lego Comic builder: a cool site to build stories and personalize creative ideas!

web agendaActivities with possessive adjectives!

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