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Disney’s Magic English is a fun way for children to learn the English language along with their favorite Disney characters!

1. Hello            Image de prévisualisation YouTube

2. Family

3. Friends

4. Happy Houses

5. Animal Friends

6. It’s Delicious

7. Happy Birthday

8. Tick Tock Time

9. Night and Day

10. Let’s Play

11. Numbers

12. At Home

14. My Body

15. Cooking

16. The Forest

17. The Sea

18. Let’s Travel

19. Colors

20. Wild Animals

21. Funny Faces

22. Country Life               44. Country Life (Part 2)

23. Changing Seasons

24. Fairy Land

25. Music

26. Mountains

27. The City

28. Wild West

29. Everyday Life

30. Big and Small

31. Faraway Places

32. Villains


GOGO – Short Videos for Beginners

Yogi Bear: Trying to Escape Jellystone Park

A Mix Of The Best Foghorn Leghorn Toons

Casper the Friendly Ghost – Peekaboo…/ Twin Trouble

Peppa Pig (Season 4)

Famous 5 – On the Case (5 kids try to solve mysteries):

Episode 1 The Case of the Fudgie Fry Pirates

Episode 2 The Case of the Plant That Could Eat Your House

Episode 3 The Case of the Impolite and Snarly Thing

Episode 4 The Case of the Sticks and Their Tricks



True Story  Image de prévisualisation YouTube

Rosa Goes to the City: Learn English (US) with subtitles


Funny Classroom Jokes – Animated Collection Vol – 1     

                  Click on CC to see subtitles!

Funny Classroom Jokes – Animated Collection Vol – 2

Videos About Camping:

Camping for Children – Vocabulary

Let’s Go Camping!

Going Camping Vocabulary

Conversations & Dialogues:

Good Morning & Other Dialogues for Kids

Simple English Conversation Dialogues for Kids

Speaking Cartoon | 45 minutes Kids Dialogues | Easy conversation

Learn English Conversation For Kids – Conversation 1

Learn English Conversation For Kids – Conversation 6

English Gogo’s Adventures with English (ALL CONVERSATIONS from 1- 39 )

Basic English Conversation For Children 2

English Conversation level 1 to 10

Dialogues – Verb TO BE & Adjectives

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